Avelas’s Intraoperative Imaging Device simultaneously images two far red and near infra-red wavelengths to realize the advantages of ratiometric fluorescent readout of AVB-620 for real-time cancer detection.

AVB-620’s ratiometric readout attenuates common artifacts of fluorescent imaging, including differences in drug concentration and distance of the camera from the tissue area of interest. AVB-620 is the only fluorescence-based clinical cancer detection product that utilizes ratiometric imaging.

Avelas’ device has a wide field of view (~10 cm) and provides a rapid assessment of tissue (~100 ms). Avelas’ imaging system may be used on various sample types, including excised specimen, shave margins, lymph nodes, and in vivo in a patient’s cavity. Display overlay software provides an objective determination of cancer in real-time to surgeons, giving them the necessary information to make clinical decisions to improve outcomes for patients.