Our Mission

Our mission is to create better outcomes for cancer patients using our proprietary platform technology of activatable cell-penetrating peptides (ACPPs).

The most advanced product candidate in our development pipeline combines our ACPP platform with a fluorescent marker to create a real-time illuminated cancer map to assist the surgical oncologist during surgery.

Surgery is often the first-line treatment for a cancer patient. Despite advances in radiology and surgical hardware, the surgeon continues to rely on eyesight and palpation to determine the extent of cancer. Too frequently, the surgeon will not know where the tumor begins and ends while operating.

This uncertainty can lead to incomplete detection and removal of cancer, which may result in improper staging and positive surgical margins. These shortcomings result in unnecessary re-operations and lead to suboptimal therapeutic decisions and treatment.

Additionally, we believe our ACPP platform can be used for the targeted delivery of small molecules and antibodies in the tumor environment, where protease activity is amplified.

We believe our technology should  allow for enhanced tissue penetration and retention, with chemical design-flexibility enabling us to change both the protease targeting and payloads.